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Shindu Al'ar
Hello Shindu Al'ar new and old.

If you've come to this site, you may be in search of some of your old archives/posts/etc. At the moment some of those posts are unavailable for easy browsing. The old site was repurposed; but has since been converted into an archive site for the time being. We have copied and preserved as much of it as we can as an officer team, but as that site is out of the guild's control at this time we cannot guarantee how long it may be up.

Shivtr advised to email if you wanted access to your old posts/archives, and at the moment they are waiting to see how many requests they get to explore the best way to restore any remaining lost data to us.

If you would like to add your name to the list, please be sure to use your Shivtr registered email and send an Email to

The Phoenix has risen from the ashes many times, and as I write this we are only about 7 months out from one of the most impactful rebirths we have ever had.

Keep an eye on our Discord Announcement page for more details and to find out where our new site will be hosted (if we don't try to rebuild here)


Al'ar Serrar - Shindu Al'ar.